How to Save Money

We could all stand to save some money in life. As they, “money makes the world go round,” so the more money, the better. No matter who you are, you could stand to have just a little bit more money in your pocket to make your life a little easier and a little more comfortable. Here are few ways to cut costs and pinch pennies.

First and foremost, cooking for yourself is a great way to save. What you lose in the time it takes to cook a meal, you gain in savings, fun, and a delicious meal. Instead of buying pre made convenience foods like frozen foods make your own meals from fresh ingredients. You save money going the DIY route, and you’ll have a blast learning to cook all your favorite dishes, not to mention that making them from scratch will make them even tastier and healthier. You can also impress friends and family with this newfound skill.

In the same vein as the above tip, eliminate unnecessary services from your budget to save big. If you regularly use dry cleaners, landscapers, or housekeepers, time to take on those responsibilities for yourself and save a ton of money. If you’re really hurting for time, you could consider hiring less expensive workers to do the same jobs, including amateurs when applicable.

Lastly, keep your eyes peeled for sales. That’s right, sales. There are always options when shopping, and if you know where to look, savings are everywhere. Searching online for ways to save at your favorite stores, or on your favorite products, can be of huge help when trying to scrimp and save, so be vigilant. Retailers like Nordstrom can help you save money on the products you’re looking for, as long you’re looking for savings.

Is Cash Back Credit Cards Are Good?

Credit Cards

Mastercards that have compensated programs that give you discount impetuses or money back are the approach. Why shouldn’t your Mastercard remunerate you when you utilize it? It is safe to say that you are as yet utilizing a card that doesn’t remunerate you? Why would that be? The conceivable reason that more individuals don’t have these sorts of cards is on account of the more often than not oblige reasonable for amazing FICO assessments to get endorsement. These sorts of cards have turned into significantly more prevalent on the grounds that gas costs have risen so forcefully. You can gain up to 5% money back on qualified buys like service bill and telephone installments, link and gas bills, foodstuffs, and feasting when you get a portion of the all the more generally accessible money back cards. This article has the facts about cash back credit cards.

A great deal of trade back cards is out the lower scope of rate payback, floating at around 1% to 2%. In any case, there has been a pattern to raise the cashback rate to 5% among significant card guarantors. Be that as it may, the 5% cashback rate typically just applies to buys made at corner stores, drug stores, and supermarkets. You normally just recover the 5% money on one of these things, yet getting 5% back is considerable. Picture getting 5% back on gas?! In this day and age, where gas costs as so high, getting 5% back can be very considerable.

The pattern towards offering money back, all in all, is expanding for an assortment of reasons. The uptick in gas costs, the higher rates being offered via card guarantors, and the expanded rivalry being confronted with Mastercard backers too, are all adding to the bigger quantities of cashback charge cards being advertised.

Hold up a moment, you may solicit, how do these sorts from prizes programs truly work? In what capacity can the credit guarantors stand to give me a rate of the money back? Why are they giving me a chance to escape with such a keen money related move? At the point when shippers acknowledge installments by charge cards, they give a rate of the exchange as a commission to their dealer administrations supplier or bank. A considerable measure of those guarantors imparts that rate to you. They do this keeping in mind the end goal to separate themselves from the opposition.

Presently, rewards based cards are normally a considerable measure better for customers who pay their financial record off every month. Rewards based Visas more often than not have a much higher APR as well. In the event that you don’t keep on paying your adjust every month, the additional premium will vanquish the motivation behind the prizes that you’ve earned.

A great deal of money related organizations likewise have cashback extra projects with the top online retailers. You may have the capacity to utilize your cashback reward into bigger rewards every example that you recover for blessing cards at huge name accomplices of the Mastercard backers you’ve gotten your cashback Visa programs with.

It simply doesn’t bode well to abandon cashback cards in the event that you have a decent FICO assessment. In the event that you plan to pay your bills on time, then these sorts of cards are the ones to pick (as I would see it). These cards remunerate their clients who burn through cash and pay back their bills astutely, as they would have done in the past before getting acknowledged for the card and as they will keep on doing in the present when they get the card.

How To Send Money Abroad

Send Money Abroad

Sending cash abroad may sound sufficiently direct, yet without legitimate arranging and research, you could wind up losing a great deal to expenses and poor trade rates. Especially on the off chance that you are purchasing property abroad or routinely sending cash abroad, the distinctions can turn out to be exceptionally noteworthy. Try not to be enticed to just go to your nearby office or sign into internet managing an account to send a huge whole of cash, since you’ll perpetually wind up spending significantly more.

1 – Get a Favorable Exchange Rate

Trade rates vacillate constantly, and even a day or two could have a noteworthy effect, especially with bigger exchanges. It is imperative not to take the trade rates cited in Google, XE and other such administrations too truly, since these commonly mirror the most ideal rates which, in down to earth terms, are generally unattainable for customers. High-road banks once in a while have exceptionally appealing trade rates, so exchanging a lot of cash by method for an immediate exchange will frequently wind up costing you significantly more than you have to pay.

2 – Find the Lowest Fees

Try not to be enticed to naturally run for the alternative with the most minimal expenses, since you’ll likely wind up getting an awful swapping scale. Consider, for instance, the money trade workplaces that you find in air terminals. They perpetually promote the way that they don’t charge a commission, yet the conversion scale has a tendency to be poor to the point that you’ll really wind up spending a great deal more. Most outside trade organizations charge a set one-time expense for every exchange as opposed to a rate in any case, to get the best arrangement, you’ll need to exchange higher sums. On the off chance that you plan to send cash abroad all the time, it might even be more reasonable to run with an organization that charges a month to month or yearly set expense.

3 – Don’t Neglect Security

Likewise with any saving money movement, you’ll need to organize wellbeing and security to guarantee your cash is in great hands. Continuously guarantee that any universal cash trade benefit you utilize is completely authorized and controlled and that they are safeguarded ought to something turn out badly. Luckily, it shouldn’t take long to locate a solid and dependable organization given the abundance of data accessible on the web. Before making any dedication, make sure to peruse a few surveys, and dependably acquaint yourself with the little print. On the off chance that, for reasons unknown, your cash disappears or sets aside a long opportunity to get to its goal, you need ensures that you’ll be enough adjusted.


Last Words

The most reasonable choice for sending cash abroad will depend altogether on your specific circumstance. On the off chance that, then again, you have to exchange a lot of cash, you’ll likely be in an ideal situation utilizing an outside trade merchant and focusing on a more good conversion scale. As usual, make certain to think about the alternatives on the web and get numerous quotes to locate the most appropriate choice.


How To keep Good Credit

Good Credit

A few people think about whether they REALLY need to keep great credit. Numerous monetary specialists will let you know that credit doesn’t make a difference on the off chance that you plan to be out of obligation since you won’t get cash going ahead so what does your credit make a difference? While I concur that once obligation free you will not have to get cash immediately, I can’t help contradicting the idea that you shouldn’t attempt to at any rate keep sensible credit for crises when you completely may need to get cash. Considerably more, commonly great credit is required for more than simply “acquiring” cash. Here are 5 reasons why you have to keep great credit, regardless of the possibility that you are without obligation.

  1. Purchasing a House – Someday, particularly on the off chance that you are youthful, you will need to purchase your very own position and that will require some exclusive expectations with regards to credit and your financial assessment. Most loan specialists require a base FICO rating of 680 to meet all requirements for a settled rate contract rate. You generally need to shoot for a settled rate as it constrains your regularly scheduled installment to a settled sum, so there are no curve balls not far off.

  1. Financing a Car – Similar to purchasing a house, you will require a decent FICO assessment to back the buy of your next vehicle. Most banks and even auto merchants will offer you a superior rate if your FICO rating is higher. Also, clearly, we as a whole need the least rate when getting cash. My proposal for financing any sort of exceedingly devaluing resource like an auto is to acquire just up to 60%-70% on the auto’s credit esteem. This gives you a value security net which will help you get a kick off on paying the advance off before the estimation of the auto can drop excessively.

  1. Landing a Position – Like it or not, numerous businesses have started to run credit keeps an eye on their hopefuls. Actually, 47% of bosses confessed to running your credit when you apply for work. All things considered, in case you’re being procured to work for somebody, they need to know how dependable you are with your own particular cash. This is a decent pointer to your boss about propensities including: would you be able to deal with your obligations, are you opportune and are you a honesty loaded individual.

  1. Beginning a Business – Every year, a huge number of Americans choose to begin their own particular organizations. Getting a business up and running isn’t generally simple be that as it may and normally takes some noteworthy financing to go ahead and remain above water. Contingent upon the kind of business you need to begin, you may need your neighborhood group bank help you make your fantasies a reality and succeed. Regardless of the possibility that you plan to acquire cash in your business’ name, most banks require a credit check and assessment of the accomplices of the business. Since all things considered, you are the person will’s identity settling on the choices.

  1. Crises! – Dave Ramsey dependably says that multiple occasions in life, “Murphy appears at your entryway and needs to stay temporarily.” He is alluding to the idea of Murphy’s Law. The scandalous articulation that, “If something can turn out badly, it will turn out badly.”

We as a whole end up in this circumstance sooner or later in our lives when things simply appear to occur for the most exceedingly bad. Your auto separates two weeks from payday, your heater goes out amidst winter, or most ghastly, you lose your occupation. Presently what? Our reasoning for every one of our peruses is that we empower living obligation free however much as could be expected, yet infrequently you simply need to obtain some cash to make things work.

Forex And Its Dealings


For a significant number of us which don’t have the foggiest idea, Forex market is made out of two segments. These are the spot market and term or managing an account advertises. The spot Forex is where the costs are moving each second because of the exchanges which are played out each seconds. This market has an everyday volume of around 1,5 trillion joined states dollars in exchanging. The other one which is alluded to as Forex managing an account where everybody makes trade for various sorts of reasons which nobody can foresee. The day by day surmised volume of this market is 2,5 trillion joined states dollars. How Can you deal with Forex?

Those two consolidated means a volume of inexact of 5 trillion dollars.

What are the citations reasons? Then again which is the primary assurance of the value moves? Who decides the value development, the spot or the disconnected trades?

Well the answer is a tad bit muddled, yet plainly the one which has more volume and this is the reason we ought to treat the market in long keep running as a financial specialist nor examiner or player. So the Forex trade made through the financial balances or at trades merchants is accomplished for some reasons, for example, tourism, requirement for money, getting something from a site which is out of our mainland or nation and some more. That is the reason nobody can anticipate this conduct of many individuals or organizations which makes the Forex market to climb and down. In short terms this conduct, controlled by many reasons, is moving the costs.

In this way, on the off chance that you treat and exchange on Forex advertise in short supposing you will get a betting result. You, better go to a clubhouse where you get the drink and sustenance for nothing.

However, in the event that you treat and exchange on Forex showcase in long, keen run you may get a few outcomes, notwithstanding remarkable ones. Be that as it may, that relies on upon the hazard administration which is unequivocally identified with your capital administration.

In the event that you begin exchanging without thinking about the hazard you may lose your whole capital regardless of the possibility that you are a long runner. Things being what they are, here comes the question-how would we treat and exchange on Forex and deal with the hazard compensate?

The answer is neither a mystery nor simple, particularly in the event that you have enthusiastic administration issues. Contemplating the hazard more prominent than others speculation instruments the feeling are extremely solid related with the hazard. So as to deal with the hazard we require passionate administration arrangement. Separated that we additionally require specialized and principal learning.


Before exchanging monetary standards we need to experience a few stages. These are the accompanying:

To start with we have to locate a decent execution agent. This one must be managed by worldwide powers and it must be adaptable. What does this implies? The dealer needs to permit a wide range of influence, beginning from 1:1. The influence is a decent apparatus, additionally an unsafe one. The dealer needs to permit you to exchange with miniaturized scale parts meaning 0.01 parcels and it needs smaller scale represents learners.

The following stride is to pick what sort of record and additionally resource for exchange on money advertise.

The best device or item to exchange on long run is to open a smaller scale account. This is the best decision for everybody, particularly on the off chance that you have a little measure of cash and you are a little daring person. On the off chance that you are an expert, and you have an algorithmic exchanging, the important capital for that, you can go to the Forex day by day exchange, however this is something just experts ought to do.

Fixed Capital Investment And Its Importance

Fixed Capital Investment

Organization settled stores (FDs) are an exceptionally prominent speculation choice among senior national financial specialists as they give them guaranteed returns, which are for the most part 1% to 3% higher than the loan fees being offered by banks for comparative periods. There are many organization settled store plans which have an alternative to pay enthusiasm at month to month or quarterly interims, and financial specialists discover it very appealing to supplement their consistent pay from benefits and so on. The objective section for the organization settled dep .It can be very overwhelming to interpret the language of financing organizations. Much of the time, due to the closeness in the goals of the distinctive financing arrangements, many tend to trade one for the other. There are many things attached to Fixed Capital Investment, which has been explained through this article.

To disentangle these exceptionally specialized phrasings, most particularly when you simply have wandered into business and you don’t have enough learning about it, here are some helpful data with respect to a settled capital speculation, which is one of the pertinent business arrangements organizations, either huge or little, can pick.

Actualities About Fixed Capital Investment

To start with, they are regularly used to dispatch or perform organizations. Over a drawn out stretch of time or around 20 years, they devalue on the bookkeeping proclamations of the organization.

Second, however these speculations can devalue after some time; they won’t deteriorate a similar way. Be reminded that there are ventures that lose their esteem quicker than the others. The ideal cases of those that debase quick are interchanges hardware or gadgets since there is a fast turnover of innovation for these. Another great case is the organization vehicles. Inside the year of procurement, the estimation of a fresh out of the box new organization vehicle can devalue by as much as 40%.

Third, settled capital ventures won’t debase quickly. There are really situations where it can even increment in esteem. Land properties like the organization’s office structures and land are among the illustrations.

Fourth, these will incorporate the procurement of instruments and hardware required for day by day operations, alongside the land properties where the products are to be delivered and put away. Keep in mind however that the materials utilized as a part of the generation of merchandise are excluded because of the way that these aren’t held by the organization.

6th, the measure of settled capital will be not quite the same as one industry to another. There are undertakings that would require higher settled capital speculation than the others. These will incorporate oil organizations, broadcast communications suppliers, and the building and assembling firms. Then again, organizations that will simply require constrained settled capital are those that inside the administration business. What’s more, these will incorporate the law and bookkeeping firms since they require smaller gadgets, apparatuses and customary office machines.

Ultimately, getting settled capital frequently takes a lot of time. In this way, it is essential to work with a dependable, able financing organization that can effectively minimize the danger of budgetary misfortunes through a wide assortment of demonstrated strategies.

Credit Card Bill- Is it important to get?

Credit Card Bill

Seeing how to peruse your Mastercard bill is as vital as knowing why it’s fundamental in any case. As opposed to mainstream thinking, these advantageous plastic cards require not be kept away from out and out, however should be utilized with certain measure of alert or rather poise. Let us first attempt to see how to peruse a charge card charge. We have discussed certain reasons on why credit card bill is important, as many things are mentioned in the bill and you get to know your expenses and the unwanted charge if any has been put against your purchase.

This is what you will discover in your bill:

  • Your Visa number

  • Your record rundown

  • Payment due

  • Balance installment

  • Minimum sum due

  • Available credit constrain

  • Applicable intrigue charges

  • Payment Due Date

Account Summary: Otherwise called the announcement date. This gives a rundown of the considerable number of buys you have made utilizing your charge card in the previous one month (your bill is produced on a month to month premise). Likewise, insights about where you’ve swiped your card and the amount you’ve swiped it for will be recorded.

Installment dues: This section will indicate the amount you have yet to pay on your charge card for the present month.

Adjust installment: It will be earlier month’s unpaid sum (assuming any).

Least sum due: It is the base sum payable on each charge you get. It is for the most part around three to five percent of the aggregate sum that should be paid by you. i.e on the off chance that you can’t pay off the aggregate duty, you may pay only the base sum that is expected and afterward the rest will be added to the following month’s bill.

Keep in mind that the minute you do this, you will be charged a specific loan cost on the sum that is expected. Additionally, realize that the base sum you pay will comprise of the enthusiasm and additionally the chief. For instance, if your aggregate due is 10,000 of which 2000 is from the past bill, then the intrigue is charged on the 2000 which was extended from the past bill.


Accessible credit restrain: Total credit restrict – utilized credit confine. It demonstrates the amount more you will be permitted to spend through your card. For instance, if your aggregate farthest point is Rs.10,000 and you have burned through Rs.4000, then your accessible credit utmost is Rs.6000.

Intrigue charges: If you have just paid the base sum due, then intrigue is charged on the rest of the sum. So also, on the off chance that you haven’t paid the whole sum on the other hand intrigue is charged on the due that is persisted from the past bill.

Installment due date: It is the date at the very latest which you should pay your bill. In the event that you pay after this date, you will be charged an extra late expense to the current bill sum.

Presently on to the greater question, why is your charge card charge vital?

All things considered, when you apply for advances be it any kind of advance, your record as a consumer will be deliberately inspected. Having a charge card and utilizing it carefully won’t just reflect well in your financial record, additionally help your cibil score and enhance your odds of getting your credit endorsed effectively.

Another imperative indicate be remembered dependably is that you should never settle your Mastercard. The minute you do this, not exclusively will your cibil score be brought down, all things considered, however it will likewise be a noteworthy explanation behind your advance application to be rejected.

Likewise, every time you read through your bill, and in the event that you can comprehend the terms included, you ought to be in a position to judge whether you are being charged by approaches or not. There have been a few frequencies where Visa fakes have gone unnoticed basically in light of the fact that the card holder didn’t set aside the opportunity to experience his or her bill.

Corporate Credit Cards And Its Functions

Credit Cards

At the point when utilized astutely, corporate charge cards can help organizations all the while accomplish vocation objectives and harvest individual advantages. Despite what might be expected, this can prompt to a corporate free-fall when utilized ineffectively. Corporate Visas are unique in relation to both individual and private company Mastercards. These are offered just be a couple of backers. By and large, such records are built up by organizations by using a keeping money relationship or through an arrangement arranged specifically with a card guarantor. With a specific end goal to grow such sort of relationship, the organization’s credit will be considered. Corporate Credit Cards have two categorization. All the functions related to Corporate Credit Cards have been explained in this article. With the help of this you can very well determine which type of Credit Card is good. Most Importantly, you should know the functions before you start using it.

Organizations may give their workers with corporate charge cards for the installment of business-related costs, which are regularly travel-connection. Despite the fact that it is regularly issued in the organization’s name, know that it can likewise show the name of the worker cardholder.

They are classified into 2 – singular installment cards and organization installment cards. The individuals who decide on individual installment cards, they will be the ones in charge of presenting their own cost report. Likewise, they will pay the backer specifically for any charges. Then again, the business will get the tab for all organization authorized changes with the organization installment cards. Be that as it may, for any individual or unapproved charges, the worker will at present pay the backer specifically.

Tips When Using These Cards

Know about your organization’s strategies – Cardholders must acquaint themselves with the reporting and spending rules gave by their managers. Additionally, they should teach themselves about the arrangements particular to their position or office. They have to know the sorts and cutoff points on making charges. It is profoundly suggested that cardholders must go to instructional meetings and be overhauled on the arrangements.

Figure out how to stay away from pitfalls – There are in reality a ton of pitfalls cardholders must keep away from. These will incorporate the unapproved energizes that can end hitting your wallet and consolidating individual costs with business spending that may put you on a crash course with the administration.

Utilize your sound judgment – The absence of basic sound judgment is undoubtedly among the greatest risks from having corporate charge cards. Before swiping it, inquire as to whether such cost is specifically identified with your employment.

Continuously secure your card – Be certain to keep your card in a protected place to stay away from robbery or misfortune. Instantly subsequent to seeing that you have lost it, report it to the powers. This will anticipate deceitful charges. Cardholders must know that when they have lost their card, they can be given another card or new record number instantly amid crisis cases.

Budget And Its Types


A financial plan is an arrangement that estimates future costs and helps organizations to viably designate assets to meet those costs. Firms get ready spending plans to arrange for how they will distribute reserves for the following spending year. Spending plans are likewise used to assess execution and contrast genuine spending and planned sums. There are a wide range of sorts of spending plans and every sort fills an alternate need.

At whatever point somebody is taking a shot at a monetary objective, one of the themes those surfaces is working with or inside a financial plan. The truth of the matter is that there are three unmistakable sorts of spending plans, each with their own structure and approach. This subject is certainly not a “one size fits all” theme. Understanding the distinctive sorts of spending plans will help you track the correct data for the undertaking you are taking a shot at.


Operational Budget

More often than not when somebody is discussing their financial plan, they are alluding to an operational spending plan. An operational spending plan is one that tracks progressing money related action. This the everyday spending plan of a business or a family.

An operational spending tracks both pay and costs. The motivation behind this report is two-crease. Initially, by following all money related development, or “income”, a man can get a much clearer photo of the budgetary circumstance. Ideally, this photo will permit a man to roll out any wanted improvements in an effective way. Second, the concentration of this financial plan is on the contrast amongst salary and costs. In a business, this is the benefit; for a family, this is the “fun” cash. What to do with this distinction is another point, for some other time.

Extend Budget

A venture spending plan concentrates on controlling costs. The thought is there is a sure settled measure of cash accessible to pay for everything. By following costs, a man can ensure that everything will be secured. At the point when a man conveys an outcome “on spending plan”, this is the kind of spending plan being examined.

The key is to track costs, empowering choices to be made accurately. Inquiries regarding purchasing assets, contracting individuals, buying promoting are regularly examined in this unique situation. Salary is regularly settled toward the start of the venture or accessible in obviously characterized sums. Frequently, a venture spending references an operational spending plan.

Objective Budget

An objective spending plan is the place an objective measure of cash is set and the measure of wage is followed. In the event that costs are followed, they are done as such just as an effect on the pay. For instance, a gathering pledges venture is taken care of along these lines.

Any costs followed in this financial plan are basically costs straightforwardly identified with getting salary. For instance, a store raiser may buy envelopes to appropriate so individuals can mail in gifts. The essential concentration is the rate of development of the sum spared. Once more, this exertion can be identified with other, more extensive exercises, for example, a family putting something aside for an excursion as a feature of their general spending plan.

Having the Right Structure

At the point when a man is making a financial plan, having the correct concentration is a basic component of progress. Understanding the various types of spending plans can truly help setting the accentuation accurately.


Bankruptcy And Its Consequences


A great many people never envision they’ll require the alleviation of documenting chapter 11, yet some of the time obligation develops out of the blue. Work misfortune or doctor’s visit expense may prompt to expanded charge card obligation, and you may just have the capacity to make least installments. Different bills pile on, and before you know it, you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. There are many advantages to documenting chapter 11, but at the same time it’s imperative to measure the results of recording before pushing ahead. There are initial steps which you should take when it comes to bankruptcy and that has been explained in this article.

Initial Steps

A great many people realize that liquidation can release a significant number of their obligations, however you’ll have to settle on some critical choices to get to that point. To begin with, we’ll lead the Means Test to help us choose which part of insolvency is best for you. In the event that you breeze through the Means Test, you’re qualified to document a Chapter 7, which releases most unsecured obligations, including hospital expenses, charge cards, service charges, and back lease. On the off chance that your salary is too high or you have resources and property you have to ensure, a Chapter 13 is a helpful alternative. We’ll propose a reimbursement plan to the court that will last 3-5 years, and amid this time you’ll make diminished installments in view of your salary. Toward the finish of your reimbursement period, most staying unsecured obligations are released, extraordinarily lessening the aggregate you’ll pay on obligations.

When you have obligation you can’t pay, you’ll without a doubt get calls and letters from banks, which can be to a great degree unpleasant. One of the advantages of documenting any part of chapter 11 is that the programmed stay will go live, which implies your loan bosses must quit calling you when you let them know you’ve recorded. This gives you some an opportunity to center and get your accounts all together.

Things to Consider

While all the positive things about liquidation are incredible, this legitimate choice is not without results. Your FICO assessment will diminish, which can make it more hard to get credit later on or even to lease a home. Additionally, not all obligations can be incorporated into chapter 11. Regardless you’ll be in charge of kid support and divorce settlement installments, despite the fact that you might have the capacity to have the installments changed in view of your new circumstance. Understudy credits may just be incorporated into insolvency under exceptionally strict rules, yet you might have the capacity to work with your loan specialist to discover a reimbursement plan that is a superior fit for you. Back assessments likewise are for the most part excluded in insolvency.

On the off chance that you need to keep your property, for example, your auto or home, you’ll have to remain progressive on these installments; on the off chance that you fall behind, your leaser will seek after repossession or dispossession. It might be to your advantage to surrender these things if the installments no longer fit your circumstance, or you might have the capacity to make these installments more sensible by releasing different obligations through chapter 11.

Pondering the advantages of liquidation can give you seek after your future, and I can help you make a strong arrangement to release obligation while saving however much of your property as could reasonably be expected. In the event that you aren’t certain how to advance, please call or email me so we can talk.